CSAC's Favourite RIB dives

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SS Brigitta.png

Wreck of the Brigitta (T'Pot)

The Brigitta was a 2,084grt defensively-armed British Merchantship. On the 4th December 1917 when 6 miles S W from the Nab Light Vessel, England she hit a mine and sank.

Mixon Hole.png

Mixon Hole

From the East Beach at Selsey, the Mixon Hole is a wonderful scenic dive.  There is a reef at about 6m (dependent on the tide) and then cliffs drop down to about 25m.  Bring a camera!


Mulberry Harbour

Mulberry harbours were temporary portable harbours developed by the UK in WWII to facilitate the rapid offloading of cargo onto beaches during the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.  You'll know when you've found the site, since you'll see a big load of concrete in front of you.  Lots of life, so bring a camera.

SS Shirala.png

SS Shirala

The SS Shirala was torpedoed in WWI. Her cargo consisted of general cargo, wine, marmalade, vehicle spares, binoculars, telescopes, ivory, 180 tons of ammunition (detonating caps), 1.700 tons mail and diamonds.

SS Pentyrch.png

SS Pentyrch

The Pentyrch was sunk in 1918 by the German submarine UB-40.