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30th April

Well done to Kirsty, Theo, Sam, Ryan and Sylvia for completing another SD lecture.

Thanks to Bob as always for running the lecture.

1st October

Some good diving by many members of the club under the pier at Swanage.

Six of us (Ryan/Becs, Rob/Geoff, Ian/Ryan) then headed out on the Mary Jo to dive the Fleur De Lys and Bombay Barge.

Well done to Theo, Kirsty and Ryan for doing your first sea dives.

Better vis next time hopefully!

16th September

Ryan and Kirsty completed their Ocean Diver skills.  Well done to both of you!  Thanks to Bob as usual.

13th August

Theo and Sam completed their Ocean Diver skills.  Well done to both of you!  Thank you to Bob and Rob for the training.

31st May 2023

Unfortunately, RAFFLES (our RIB) is still out of action due to engine problems.

We are looking into options including grants to ideally buy a new engine.

We will update all members again asap, but please ask if you have any questions.

Thanks for your continued patience.

We will be able to offer shore dives and diving in Wraysbury/Vobster, etc. so please contact the committee to help us support your diving.

10th February 2023

Following a successful few weeks of try-dives, we are delighted to welcome ten new members to the club!  A very warm welcome to Debbie, Sam, Kirsty, Theo, Alex, Saskia, Ethan, Ian, Danni and Ryan.  We have issued many sets of kit to help our new OD and AOD trainees.

Pool sessions continue to be available to all members, and OD/AOD lectures are happening too.

28th November 2022

Our initial 2023 dive calendar has been published.  See the "2023 diving" tab for more info.

24th November 2022

Dates for your diary

Monday 5th December - final committee meeting of the year.  Send any points to Ian or any other committee member.

Tuesday 6th December - AGM at Cranleigh Village club from 7:30pm.

Friday 16th December - Xmas meal at Cranleigh Golf and Country Club.

18th November 2022

We are delighted to announce that we've finally secured a new pool booking!  We'll be meeting for the next 4 Fridays at St Catherine's School Pool, 8pm-9pm.  Come along for a chat or see you at the Cranleigh Village club on Tuesdays.  Details and links on the home page.  Our last pool session in 2022 will be Friday 9th December.

26th September 2022

We are still struggling to find a pool to train in and provide try-dives.  Cranleigh School's pool has recently been refurbished and we are finalising discussions with them to determine a date to get back into their pool.  We are actively seeking alternatives and will let members and potential new members (and try-divers) know asap.  Thanks for your continued patience.

11th July 2022

We had some club dives from our RIB (heading from Itchenor on the south coast) on both 3rd and 10th July wi

25th June 2022

We will be hosting a stall at the Cranleigh Carnival.  The carnival runs 10:00-17:00.  Please come along to see us, and to sign up for a try-dive.

Cranleigh Carnival & Fun Dog Show (

27th March 2022

In December 2022, CSAC will have been in existence for 40 years!

We've already had a celebration certificate from BSAC recognising this forthcoming milestone.

See the "Our Stories" tab for more info.

Happy 40th birthday CSAC!

12th March 2022

We had a social event with a meal at The Alfold Barn.  This included our 2022 photo competition

(see PhotoComps for the results) so thanks to everyone who entered.

Thanks also to all who came to the meal.

1st March 2022

We have two new members who will be starting their OD training!

A very warm welcome to Jared and Sylvia.

1st February 2022

We had a dive planning session for our 2022 diving.

Please see the "2022 diving" tab for more info and get booked up for your dive trips!

24th November 2021

Bob and Rob very kindly ran a host of training sessions at Vobster Quay in Somerset.

Ian and Dwayne completed their final open water Dive Leader modules.

Sharon, Andy, Ryan and Becky completed their Sports Diver rescue skills.

The water was 12'C, even though it felt much chillier (but the sunshine eventually arrived).

9th November 2021

We held our AGM on 9th November and our new committee was elected.

Thank you to everyone who attended. 

October 2021

We are continuing with Ocean Diver training both in the pool and lectures.

Come and meet us on Tuesdays!

September 2021

We had more try-dive sessions, and we have some new members signing up which is great news.  We're looking forward to some more pool sessions with training during October.

10th, 17th and 24th August 2021

We held further try-dive sessions at Cranleigh School pool.  Please contact Keith via the "Home" tab to enquire about when you could come along to a forthcoming try-dive session.

27th July 2021

We had a try-dive session with many potential new members heading to the pool.

It was great to get back in the pool at Cranleigh School.

9th-12 July 2021

Many CSAC members headed to Porthkerris in Cornwall for four days of diving.  We all had a great time, dived a good variety of sites (from Portkerris Divers' boat called "Celtic Kitten"), and saw lots of fish and other underwater wildlife.

26th June 2021

We hosted a stall at Cranleigh Carnival.  It was wonderful to hear from so many people who are interested in taking up scuba diving, or wanting to return to it.  We are in contact with everyone to plan next steps and arrange try-dives asap.

25th June 2021

Keith, Sharon, Rob and Ian headed to Vobster to try out some new kit and do some training.

Ian completed two Dive Leader modules.

It was great for the four of us to get into the water ahead of our club trip to Porthkerris next month.

13th June 2021

Rory, Kieran, Tracy, Ian and Dwayne completed Dive Leader module D05 (Rescue Management Scenarios) under the wonderful supervision of Bob.

We went through several rescue scenarios.  There was a brilliant team spirit to learn from each scenario and to critique each plan to see where we could improve.

Thanks to Bob for a very useful lesson!

6th June 2021

Bob, Kieran, Tracy, Dwayne and Ian headed to Selsey for two planned dives.

It was great to get out on the water in Raffles (our club RIB).

13th September 2020

Dwayne, Rob, Bob, Geoff and Ian headed out from Itchenor on our club RIB for a couple of dives on the south coast.

It was really good to have a break in the lockdown rules to get out diving

(with suitable restrictions in place).

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